´╗┐Kevin Kearney is an appointed distributor of Demetz Art Studio which is nowadays the only manufacturer in the world able to supply statues and other works of art in 6 different media, such as: wood, bronze, mosaic, marble, fiberglass & Dem-Art. Whatever devotional figurine you have, they can make it in almost every size and medium. As one of the main suppliers of Demetz Statues across Ireland and the UK we are happy to quote for your requirements.

Specially commissioned statue carvings in traditional Irish settings designed and installed
(i.e elevated setting with traditional granite stone walls and background, steps leading)
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Tel: (028) 3086 1522 / (028) 3086 8719
Fax: (028) 3086 8353
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Tel: (028) 3086 1522 / (028) 3086 8719 | Click here to Email: info@kevinkearney.net